My friends MUGS and Pockets AKA Scarlet Monk and Swamburger discuss their musical influences including Sly Dunbar, James Brown, the Freestyle Fellowship, Jupiter, mic nine, and Brother Jay from X-Clan, Billy Holiday, Ace of Base, Madonna, Tupac, Biggie, Little Kim, and Missy Elliott. They both emphasize the importance of being able to piece together their compositions, and their influences have helped them develop their unique style. The conversation then shifts to a discussion of an upcoming EP and single coming out inspired by trip hop music, features a non-poppy, genuine sound that is true to its roots and draws inspiration from subgenres of jazz.

Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 MUGS & POCKETS
00:10:00 originality and innovation in the music industry
00:15:00 Egos
00:20:00 MUGS and Pockets
00:25:00 finding the right people to work
00:30:00 second MUGS and POCKETS album
00:35:00 Outro

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