The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
A Conversation about Communism | Professor Jodi Dean Ph.D. | #177 HR

My Friend Professor Jodi Dean explores various aspects of communism, comradeship, capitalism, and neo-feudalism. She emphasizes the importance of comradeship in the communist tradition, highlighting the sacrifices and commitment involved. She also discusses how capitalism undermines the sense of community and collectiveness that communism aims to foster. Professor Dean argues for the compatibility of empathy with communism and addresses concerns about the biological ability to empathize. She further explores the impact of communicative capitalism on democracy, highlighting the erosion of shared meaning and truth. The conversation delves into regulating misinformation on social media platforms, the concept of neo-feudalism, and the issue of arbitration agreements stripping workers of their rights. Professor Dean concludes by discussing the importance of organizing and the challenges faced by the left in the struggle for communism.

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