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A Conversation with ALXNDRBRWN | Strange Famous Records | #181 HR

My friend ALXNDRBRWN discusses how he got in contact with Sage Francis and signed to Strange Famous Records. He talks about his early inspiration from artists like Sage and Atmosphere and how sending a beat to Sage eventually led to their collaboration on the track “Grace.” After facing discouragement due to tinnitus, sending his project to Sage it reignited his passion for music. They decided to release it through Strange Famous Records, and he started creating more beats. He also talks about his first music setup, his time working in LA, and his desire to live in a cabin in the woods. ALXNDRBRWN also mentions his upcoming projects and his appreciation for jazz samples. Great conversation with an amazing hip hop music producer!


Strange Famous!


Key Moments:
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Process for finding instrumentation
00:10:00 The music industry
00:15:00 Cabin in the woods
00:20:00 New projects
00:25:00 Upcoming album with the Metermaids

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