The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Andrew Perez | Investigative Journalist | The Lever | #51 Homeless Romantic Podcast

My friend Andrew Perez stops by to chat about corruption and money in politics. We discuss a virtually unknown billionaire, Barre Seid who has donated vast sums of money to climate deniers and other far right groups. We also talk about the consolidation of media and it’s effects on out democracy. I ask Andrew Perez what motivates him to expose these ugly truths and find sanity in an increasingly insane world. He is one of the main contributors for the online outlet, THE LEVER. This is an awesome conversation with a hard-working and intelligent human being!

The Lever, formerly known as The Daily Poster, is a reader-supported investigative news outlet that holds accountable the people and corporations manipulating the levers of power. The organization was founded by owner David Sirota, an award-winning journalist and Oscar-nominated writer who served as the presidential campaign speechwriter for Bernie Sanders.

The Lever’s reporting, podcasts, videos, and live events focus on politics, business and corruption — and how money shapes and distorts economic and environmental policy. All of our stories are sourced to documents and facts, and the documents and facts are linked so that readers can review and verify them.

We believe a functioning democracy requires a vibrant independent media and aggressive reporting, rather than corporate media promoting propaganda.

We believe fearless subscriber-supported journalism can create leverage that forces politicians and corporations to fulfill their promises.

To paraphrase Archimedes: We believe that with a strong enough lever, we can help move the world.

The Homeless Romantic Podcast

Traveling and surviving like barnacles on the hull of society is undoubtedly a hard and depressing journey but adversity always yields the most amazing and hilarious stories.

Activists, Academics, Artists, Hobos, Inventors, Musicians, Crazy People and anyone interesting occasionally stop by and have long form conversations with me. Most telling stories from their adventures and travels but also topics ranging from past to future.

Everyone I know has a story to tell and I am always to excited to talk with someone new. Random stories of debauchery and survival in a society that doesn’t value compassion and creativity. The flowers that grow between the cracks in the street have a story to tell.