The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
BITSY | PUBLIC CITIZEN | Consumer Rights Advocate | #55 Homeless Romantic Podcast

My friend Bitsy from Public Citizen stops by to talk about the corporations that are subverting our democracy with money. We may think we have a say in our legislative process but the truth is money in politics usually comes direct form multi-national corporations who put their needs in front of the rest of us. Lobbying should be outlawed and Bitsy breaks down just how it works and why it can’t continue to work into the future. Bitsy has been to law school and is doing amazing work at her organization. This is a great deep and frightening conversation from a very cool and wise human being.

Corporations have their lobbyists in Washington, D.C. The people need advocates too.

That’s where we come in.

Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that champions the public interest in the halls of power. We defend democracy, resist corporate power and work to ensure that government works for the people – not for big corporations. Founded in 1971, we now have 500,000 members and supporters throughout the country.

We don’t participate in partisan political activities or endorse any candidates for elected office. We take no government or corporate money, which enables us to remain fiercely independent and call out bad actors – no matter who they are or how much power and money they have.

We use every tool at our disposal to take on big fights – and win . We mobilize activists to grow democratic movements, watchdog Congress, sue the government when it fails to do its job, petition regulatory agencies to safeguard the public and engage in cutting-edge research that effects change.

Need someone to explain how corporate influence in a policy area affects people? We can help. We have experts on a wide array of issues — from money in politics, trade and health care to energy, banking and access to the courts.

See who works in the public interest every day.

Join us at Public Citizen, and help us represent the public interest in the halls of power. We champion good government, a strong regulatory system, a clean and sustainable environment, affordable and safe health care, citizen access to the courts, corporate accountability in the trade