The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Dewey Paul Moffitt | Author & Musician | #52 Homeless Romantic Podcast

My friend Dewey Paul Moffitt stops by to tell us about his memoir BOHEMIAN GHOSTS, a look into his life hitchhiking and following the Grateful Dead. Along with the adventures from the road we also discuss psychedelics and his ex-pat life in Mexico. This is a great conversation with a wild and creative human being!

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Musician and promoter Dewey Paul Moffitt has penned a rollicking memoir of a life spent following his heart into a wild world of sex, drugs, rock and roll, celebrity friendships, Rainbow Gatherings, biker gangs, hitchhiking, UFO sightings, and, finally, true love. Fueled by not much more than luck, fate, and karma, at 18, Moffitt left his record store job in Boca Raton and, through a serendipitous path of self discovery and lite mayhem, soon found himself working for rock impresario Bill Graham, the legendary promoter behind the Grateful Dead scene—living the high life alongside rock’s elite one day and narrowly escaping disaster in crime-worn East Oakland the next. Through it all, Moffitt yearned to find the right woman who would ease his lonely journey as he worked day and night to learn the music business from the ground floor up. Rising through the ranks of major concert production, Moffitt has worked with a long and impressive list of employers and partners as a festival and concert promoter, audio engineer, and talent buyer.

Today, Moffitt is enjoying the fruits of 25 years dedicated to music—fronting the Dewey Paul Band and creating and promoting concert events in Colorado, where his heart finally found a home and a happy family life in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The Homeless Romantic Podcast

Traveling and surviving like barnacles on the hull of society is undoubtedly a hard and depressing journey but adversity always yields the most amazing and hilarious stories.

Activists, Academics, Artists, Hobos, Inventors, Musicians, Crazy People and anyone interesting occasionally stop by and have long form conversations with me. Most telling stories from their adventures and travels but also topics ranging from past to future.

Everyone I know has a story to tell and I am always to excited to talk with someone new. Random stories of debauchery and survival in a society that doesn’t value compassion and creativity. The flowers that grow between the cracks in the street have a story to tell.