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Doug Maw | The Grand National Protest | Animal Rights Activist | #135 HR

My friend Doug Maw stops by to discuss animal rights and the protest that took place last week at the Grand National Horse races in Britain. We discuss the tactics used by vegans and animal rights activists in order to stop the exploitation, torture and murder of animals.

From leaflets, direct actions, passive resistance, education and delicious food. We discuss the different animal rights organizations that exist today including DXE, ALF and Animal Rising (formerly Animal Rebellion).

We get a brief history of hunt sabotaging and the illegal fox hunting that goes on in the UK by elitist aristocrats who are killing for sport. We also discus the cultural and legal hurdles we face in the animal rights movement. This is an incredible conversation with an awesome human being

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The Grand National, a horse racing event that has taken place for almost two centuries, is returning to Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, UK, on April 15. However, the event has become increasingly controversial in recent years due to the number of horse deaths and the perceived cruelty of the industry. Injuries and deaths are common in horse racing, and the Grand National is particularly dangerous. A total of 59 horses have lost their lives in just over 20 years of racing, with 15 horses killed in the main race since the year 2000.

The Grand National: Is Horse Racing Cruel, And How Many Animals Die?

What is the Grand National?

The Grand National is considered the ultimate test of a racehorse. The track has 16 jump fences, 14 of which the horses go over twice, making it more challenging than other races. The huge physical challenge of the race can cause heart attacks, and horses carrying heavy weights on their backs may collapse, depending on the temperature and ground conditions.

The welfare of racehorses is regulated by the industry itself, rather than an external and independent body. This means that the industry decides what the parameters of welfare are, which is highly subjective and based on their own interests. Animal rights campaigners, including Dene Stansall, who now works at Animal Aid as its horse racing consultant, have been vocal in their disdain for horse racing and the Grand National in particular. They campaign for the industry to make welfare improvements, including banning jump racing, as horses running over jumps are 200 percent more likely to die than those running in flat races.

Who is Animal Rising?

The way we treat animals
not only harms them, but harms us
and the natural world.
Animal farming and fishing is devouring the planet;
it destroys ecosystems and lives wherever it takes over.
These industries require vast amounts of land and fresh-water,
causing mass pollution as they go, killing rivers and wild animal
populations. Animal farming itself is disproportionately responsible for deforestation, land clearance, and biodiversity loss.
If you love animals and the natural world, you see this all around you every day.
This cannot go on.
We are rising up not only for animals, but for everyone who wants to heal our broken relationship with nature.
We want to help bring the animal movement together and create an irresistible force for change.
If you love animals,

join us.

Animal rights are important because they recognize that non-human animals are sentient beings who are capable of experiencing pain, suffering, and joy, just like humans. As such, animals should be entitled to fundamental rights that protect them from unnecessary harm and exploitation. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and the right to be free from abuse, neglect, and cruelty.

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