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Dr. Gilles-Éric Séralini | The Truth About Glyphosate | Researcher & Author #163 HR

Dr. Gilles-Éric Séralini, author of “The Monsanto Papers,” discusses the history of toxic chemicals in agriculture and how secrecy surrounding their use has made it difficult for regulatory agencies to control their toxicity. He shares his research findings on the toxicity of pesticides found inside GMOs, including their link to chronic diseases. Dr. Séralini highlights the need to assess the safety of glyphosate in the context of its real-world usage, rather than in isolation. He also criticizes the influence of the chemical industry on search engine results and emphasizes the connection between endocrine-disrupting substances and microplastics. Additionally, Dr. Séralini sheds light on the fraudulent nature of the pesticide industry, the detrimental effects of industrial agriculture on biodiversity and climate, and the socioeconomic inequality perpetuated by the current agricultural system. He stresses the importance of preserving microbial biodiversity and warns of the harm caused by killing off essential microbes in our ecosystems.

To participate in the legal costs of Pr. Seralini’s trial, click here or go to this link:

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