The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Heated Debate on Communism | Turn Leftist vs. Chris Jeffries

Mikey from Turn Leftist discusses his transition from libertarianism to anarcho-Stalinism, advocating for a gradual takeover of state apparatuses to achieve anarchism. They also explore the potential benefits of decentralized governance and the exploitation of animals, which they connect to human exploitation. They touch on various social and political issues, including veganism, indigenous peoples, and collective action, while expressing frustration with the media’s portrayal of political candidates and foreign countries. The speakers engage in a passionate debate, discussing the role of individuals in societal change, the challenges of implementing democratic and transparent businesses, and the failure of cryptocurrency to live up to its democratic potential. Throughout the conversation, they acknowledge the complexities and challenges of implementing their ideologies while emphasizing the importance of accountability and democratic control.


00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 decentralized, localized governance
00:10:00 the exploitation of animals
00:15:00 veganism, indigenous peoples, and collective action
00:20:00 propaganda disguised as news
00:25:00 maga communists
00:30:00 Cornell West
00:35:00 political events in Georgia
00:40:00 Taiwan
00:45:00 creating economies and institutions at the local level
00:50:00 cryptocurrency
00:55:00 eco-fascism

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