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Inside The Mind Of A Killer: LORI VALLOW | Matthew Brockmeyer | #175 TRUE CRIME HR

My Friend Matthew Brockmeyer discusses the case of Lori Vallow, a woman involved in a series of disturbing events. He explores her unconventional beliefs, her relationships with Chad Daybell and Charles Valo, and the disappearance of her children. Matthew raises suspicions about Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, being involved in the murders and expresses his disgust towards both him and Lori. He also delves into the question of whether Lori’s religious beliefs should be considered as a factor in her actions.


“Charles goes on a business trip to California, and while he’s away, Lori has a vision from God that he’s going to die. She takes all of his belongings to a storage unit, cancels his plane tickets, and even locks him out of the house upon his return. The police question Lori about these actions, but she is able to flirt her way out of trouble and gaslight them. Eventually, Lori’s brother, Alex, gets into a fight with Charles and shoots him in the head, claiming self-defense. Lori then flees the scene in Charles’s car, goes to McDonald’s and a store, and returns to the police, charming them with her laughter and excuses. This incident exemplifies Lori’s ability to manipulate and charm people to get what she wants.”

John Waters | Legendary Film Maker

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