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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Justin Lepard | The Wonderful World of Musicians | #133 HR Podcast

My friend Justin Lepard stops by to discuss life as a musician in the 20th century. We also talk about the devaluation of music and how to find work as a musician in the modern age. Justin Lepard is a Jazz Musician and Cello Player living in his van in southern California. We also discuss capitalism and the role of businesses play in music styles. This is a great conversation with a talented human being.

There are many ways that musicians can make money today. Here are 20 ways:

Live performances: Musicians can earn money by playing live shows, concerts, and gigs. Streaming revenue: Musicians can earn royalties from streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.

Sales of physical albums: Musicians can still earn money from the sales of physical albums such as CDs, vinyl, and cassettes.

Merchandise: Musicians can sell merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and posters at their shows and online.

Sync licensing: Musicians can license their music for use in TV shows, movies, commercials, and video games.

Music production: Musicians can offer music production services to other artists and earn money for producing their music.

Songwriting: Musicians can earn money by writing songs for other artists.

Teaching music: Musicians can offer music lessons and earn money as music teachers.

Online concerts: Musicians can perform live online concerts and earn money through ticket sales.

Music licensing: Musicians can license their music for use in YouTube videos, podcasts, and other online content.

Crowdfunding: Musicians can raise money through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Patreon, and IndieGogo.

Music publishing: Musicians can earn money through music publishing by collecting royalties from their compositions.

Sound engineering: Musicians can offer sound engineering services and earn money by mixing and mastering other artists’ recordings.

Session playing: Musicians can earn money by playing as session musicians on other artists’ recordings.

Music licensing libraries: Musicians can license their music to music licensing libraries for use in films, TV shows, commercials, and other media.

Collaboration: Musicians can collaborate with other artists and earn money through shared revenue from music sales, performances, and merchandise.

Music marketing: Musicians can offer marketing services to other artists and earn money by promoting their music.

Music festivals: Musicians can earn money by performing at music festivals and other live events.

Music supervision: Musicians can earn money by supervising the music for films, TV shows, and commercials.

YouTube monetization: Musicians can earn money by monetizing their YouTube channels through ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

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