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Louisiana has 5 times more Prisoners than Saudi Arabia

Louisiana’s unusually high incarceration rate, which is over five times higher than Saudi Arabia’s. The speaker criticizes the private prison industry in the United States for contributing to the country’s high prison population, with two major corporations, CoreCivic and Geo Group, having large capacities to house a significant number of prisoners. The speaker also mentions the use of prison labor by corporations such as Walmart, McDonald’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Whole Foods. The speaker argues that the American justice system is more focused on incarceration than execution, driven in part by the profit motive of private prisons. The speaker criticizes the public for being delusional about the realities of incarceration and the high incarceration rates in the United States, particularly in Louisiana, which has a unique system of housing state prisoners in local jails. The speaker expresses concern over the mindset of prison guards, who prioritize their jobs despite the negative consequences for individuals and communities. The video continues to explore the reasons behind the high incarceration rates in the United States and their impact on society.



Key Moments
00:00:00 Louisiana’s incarceration rate is 1,000 people per 100,000, Saudi Arabia’s is 207
00:05:00 CoreCivic and Geo Group
00:10:00 “kids for cash” scandal
00:15:00 prison guards prioritize their jobs

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