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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Mike Bonanno | The YES MEN | #46 Homeless Romantic Podcast

My friend Mike Bonanno from the legendary activist from THE YES MEN stops by to share stories about some of the pranks and stunts gone wrong as well as how he got started as a youth in anti-capitalist ideas. I was honored and nervous to meet someone who has not only made great contributions to entertainment and comedy, but also the fight against greedy, short-sighted corporate power. Mike and the YES MEN embody the spirit and techniques we need at the moment to ridicule power and regain public sanity. This is an amazing conversation with an extremely intelligent, funny and brave human being!

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The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist duo and network of supporters created by Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos. Through various actions, the Yes Men primarily aim to raise awareness about problematic social and political issues. To date, the duo have produced three films: The Yes Men (2003), The Yes Men Fix the World (2009), and The Yes Men Are Revolting (2014). In these films, they impersonate entities that they dislike, a practice that they call “identity correction.” The Yes Men operate under the mission statement that lies can expose truth. They create and maintain fake websites similar to ones they intend to spoof, which have led to numerous interview, conference, and TV talk show invitations. They espouse the belief that corporations and governmental organizations often act in dehumanizing ways toward the public. Elaborate props are sometimes part of the ruse (e.g. Survivaball), as shown in their 2003 DVD release The Yes Men. The Yes Men have collaborated with other groups of similar interest, including Improv Everywhere, Andrew Boyd and Steve Lambert.

The Yes Men Fix the World

The Homeless Romantic Podcast

Traveling and surviving like barnacles on the hull of society is undoubtedly a hard and depressing journey but adversity always yields the most amazing and hilarious stories.

Activists, Academics, Artists, Hobos, Inventors, Musicians, Crazy People and anyone interesting occasionally stop by and have long form conversations with me. Most telling stories from their adventures and travels but also topics ranging from past to future.

Everyone I know has a story to tell and I am always to excited to talk with someone new. Random stories of debauchery and survival in a society that doesn’t value compassion and creativity. The flowers that grow between the cracks in the street have a story to tell.