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Noah Khrachvik | Saving the World with MARXISM | Midwestern Marx #165 HR

My Friend Noah Khrachvik, one of the co-directors of the Midwestern Marx Institute, discusses the motivations behind the institute’s founding, their focus on education and publishing, and the challenges they’ve faced due to social media algorithms and corporate influence. Noah shares his personal story of being raised in a family supportive of communism, and how witnessing injustices in the capitalist system motivated him to join the Communist party and work towards change. He critiques the profit-driven healthcare industry, highlights the failures of capitalism, and explains how Marxism offers insight into producing real change. Noah also addresses misconceptions about Marxism, such as the belief that it leads to totalitarian regimes, and discusses the injustices faced by communist countries like Cuba and Venezuela due to economic blockades imposed by the United States.

He expresses admiration for the improvements made in the lives of people in these countries and challenges the negative narratives propagated by the ruling class. He also discusses the standard of living in China and highlights its efforts to uplift the working-class people, despite challenges and misconceptions. They argue for a more equitable society and a shift away from the current capitalist system. Additionally, he discusses the dehumanizing attitudes of the elite towards the working class, the potential for a socialist revolution due to advancements in technology, and the connection between personal experiences and DNA. Overall, the video explores the foundations of Midwestern Marx, critiques the flaws of capitalism, and showcases the potential of Marxism to bring about meaningful change.

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The Homeless Romantic Podcast