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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Prof. Allen Mills Ph.D. | The History of Canadian Socialism | Political Science #141 HR

My friend Prof. Allen Mills stops by to discuss the history of Canadian socialism. We discuss the major influences on progressive policy in Canadian history as well as some of the pivotal moments that shaped Canada in the 20th century. We also talk about the various book Professor Mills has written over the years covering historic figures in Canadian politics. This is an interesting conversation with a brilliant human being!



Fool for Christ: The Political Thought of J S Woodsworth


Allen Mills is a retired Senior Scholar and Professor who spent his academic career at the University of Winnipeg. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Honors from Trinity College, Dublin University, a Master’s degree from York University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario. His doctoral thesis focused on “The Forum and Canadian socialism, 1920-1934.”During his tenure, Mills made significant contributions to Canadian political studies with a particular focus on Canadian socialism and liberalism, the thought of Trudeau, Charles Taylor, and Will Kymlicka, and early Winnipeg radicalism. He has published articles on these topics and others, including media in post-Communist Czechoslovakia.Mills served as Chair of the Department from 2000 to 2005 and again from 2014 to 2016.

He was also the editor of the government and politics entries for The Encyclopedia of Manitoba from 2004 to 2007. In 1992, he was a visiting fellow at Edinburgh University and a visiting lecturer in Canadian Studies at Charles University, Prague.

Mills’ book on the political thought of J.S. Woodsworth, Fool for Christ: The Political Thought of J.S. Woodsworth, was published in 1991 by University of Toronto Press. In 2016, Oxford University Press published his book on Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Citizen Trudeau; 1944-1965: An Intellectual Biography.

Throughout his career, Mills taught courses on Canadian National & Local Politics/Intellectual Histories of the Canadian Left & Modern Canadian Politics. Mills’ research and teaching have been instrumental in shaping the understanding of Canadian political history and thought.

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