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The Soil Food Web | Dr. Elaine Ingham | Agriculture & Biology | #187 HR

My friend Dr. Elaine Ingham explains the concept of the soil food web and emphasizes the importance of nurturing a healthy soil ecosystem for plant growth. The soil food web consists of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and microarthropods, all of which play a crucial role in providing nutrients to plants. By reintroducing these organisms into the soil, plants can communicate their nutrient needs and receive the necessary minerals. Dr. Ingham also discusses the functions of the soil food web, including nutrient cycling, building soil structure, promoting plant health, and preventing the growth of disease-causing organisms. She highlights the detrimental effects of toxic chemicals and pesticides on soil microbes and encourages the use of compost, cover crops, and organic methods to rebuild soil structure and promote a balanced ecosystem. The video also covers topics such as the effects of different organisms on soil health, the importance of avoiding harmful nematodes, the risks of introducing different biomes into compost, and the impact of smoking and cannabis cultivation on soil contamination. Dr. Ingham concludes by recommending experimentation and observation of local conditions to understand and enhance soil biodiversity.


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Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Protozoa and nematodes
00:10:00 Bacteria and fungi
00:15:00 Beneficial microorganisms
00:20:00 Avoiding root-feeding nematodes
00:25:00 Cannibalistic nematodes
00:30:00 Toxic chemicals and pesticides
00:35:00 Rebuild soil structure
00:40:00 Biomes in soil
00:45:00 Tobacco residue can contaminate the soil
00:50:00 Ideal ratios of fungi to bacteria
00:55:00 Cover plants and the decomposition of plant residues

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