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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
What Is Wrong with People? | Adam X Lupus & Chris Jeffries

Adam x Lupus and Chris Jeffries express concerns about the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet and the state of society. He uses the metaphor of a spaceship to describe the human experience and raises questions about the impact of wealth and power on individuals and the environment.

Chris Jeffries ponders the collective direction of humanity, questioning whether we are becoming more hedonistic and primal or moving towards a dystopian future. He also discusses the cognitive dissonance people experience when it comes to their love for animals and their consumption of animal products.

They share their personal experiences with various religious and spiritual communities, and reflects on the interconnectedness of all beings on Earth. He criticizes the value placed on certain individuals over others and the treatment of animals, questioning the morality of breeding and raising people differently based on their circumstances. They also touch upon the complex web of corruption involving alphabet agencies and corporations and the difficulty of stopping the funding of questionable activities.

negative experience with trying a Beyond Burger for the first time and raises concerns about the authenticity and sustainability of lab-grown meat due to the depletion of nutrients and minerals in the soil.

the challenges of maintaining different dietary and ethical lifestyles and the importance of making ethical choices. The speaker advocates for the use of eco-friendly materials in industrial design and the need for recyclability.

He also reflects on historical power dynamics, the role of the internet in shaping public opinion, and the potential for societal progress.

Jeffries expresses frustration with political and social inequalities and the importance of understanding everyone’s flaws and focusing on communication and compassion. He also shares personal experiences of encountering hardships and finding inspiration in the resilience of marginalized communities.

Throughout the video, they touch on various topics, including the role of corporations, the potential of UFOs and alien life, and the importance of experiences and connections over material possessions.


00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 improving the lives of others instead
00:10:00 communism and human nature
00:15:00 compassion for animals
00:20:00 profitability of the meat industry
00:25:00 living in ashrams
00:30:00 birds in cages
00:35:00 plant-based diets
00:40:00 elimination of various foods
00:45:00 material possessions
00:50:00 Millennials
00:55:00 CIA MK Ultra program
01:00:00 Beyond Burger
01:05:00 depletion of nutrients in the soil
01:10:00 raising animals for food and adopting pets
01:15:00 sustainable mining practices
01:20:00 Trump
01:25:00 Queen of England
01:30:00 the seeds of regime change
01:35:00 Buddhism’s concept of suffering
01:40:00 Boeing
01:45:00 struggles of friends
01:50:00 homelessness in his family

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