The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
What Led to the COUP in MALI? | Martin A. Klein | Professor of History | #185 HR

My friend Professor Martin A. Klein discusses the factors that led to the coup in Mali. The coup was prompted by the soldiers’ frustration with their losses on the field and their perception that the civilians weren’t providing adequate support. This, combined with corruption, the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the emergence of radical groups, and racist ideologies held by some groups, created instability in the country. The professor also highlights the involvement of Western powers and the challenges faced by civilian governments in providing support to the military. The coup in Mali is not an isolated incident, as there have been several coups or attempted coups in the country over the years due to various factors such as religious issues, nationalism, and soldiers’ grievances.

Key Moments

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Democratic progressive government
00:10:00 French intervention
00:15:00 Wagner group
00:25:00 Festival in the desert north of Timbuktu
00:30:00 Mobutu’s personal corruption and estimated wealth of billions of dollars
00:35:00 Catholic religious orders and Belgian colonization
00:40:00 Racism and prejudice
00:45:00 Congo
00:50:00 1960s in Mali
00:55:00 opposition to the war in Vietnam

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