The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Why We Should STOP Killing Animals | Dr. Marc Bekoff Ph.D. | #196 HR

My friend Dr. Marc Bekoff is a biologist and author who has published numerous books on animal behavior and the natural world, including “Minding Animals” and “Dog Demystified.” He attributes his interest in animals to genetic makeup and ability to understand their emotions. Dr. Bekoff has published “Rewilding Our Hearts,” a book aimed at encouraging people to reconnect with nature and build a bond with animals. In this section of his TEDx talk, he discusses his book “The Emotional Lives of Animals,” which explores animal emotions and behaviors, and establishes the credibility of studying animal emotions. Bekoff argues that humans should be more compassionate towards animals and strive to build a bond with them, regardless of their utility to humans. He believes that by doing so, we can lead a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 spending time in Antarctica working with penguins
00:15:00 allowing animals to live without being harmed or exploited
00:20:00 The Emotional Lives of Animals
00:25:00 reduce the harm caused to animals in the food industry
00:30:00 industrial agriculture
00:35:00 knowledge translation Gap
00:40:00 past work with Jane Goodall
00:45:00 animal cognition and ethology
00:50:00 individual action in making a positive impact
00:55:00 a global umbrella of compassion and coexistence

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