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Chris Jeffries
Homeless Romantic

The Homeless Romantic Is revolving cast of musicians who help bring the  songwriting to life and the music is a disjointed poetic look the life of a 21st century vagabond.

Chris Jeffries is the main songwriter and has been it’s most constant member and creator since 2007.

Originally started in San Francisco in the early 2000s. Moving to New Orleans and Buffalo, NY.

The band toured non-stop for 10 years in North America and Europe from 2007 to 2017, and now resides in Germany with many of the band mates living across the globe.

Chris Jeffries Music

Hopping freight trains, dumpster diving, and various forms of petty crime in order to continue traveling and living another day on earth. The music explores the disappointment of traditional living, the rejection of everything conformist and going from apathy to empathy.

“If Lou Reed had lived in the ’30s and had an affinity for moonshine instead of heroin, he would sound dangerously close to the delicate rootsiness of what Chris Jeffries is creating. Combining the swagger of Mr. Reed with the bad-luck living and roaring fingerpicking of folk stalwarts like Lead Belly, Jeffries creates a sound that could be plucked straight out of your granddaddy’s Crosley. This three-song, self-titled EP also conjures images of Chris Adolf’s pre-Bad Weather California project, the Love Letter Band, which, like Jeffries himself, was stripped down, slightly psychotic and teetering on the verge of its own classification. Although Jeffries calls on a myriad of influences, he is close to creating a sound that is uniquely his own — and right at home on any chain gang.”

, Westword

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Other musical acts associated have been:

Jugtown Pirates, Siva and The Scrotum Scratchers, Plastic Fantastic Lover, Hot Damn Scandal