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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
A Conversation with Cory Doctorow | Author, Journalist & Activist #155 HR

My friend Cory Doctorow stops by to discuss his new book Red Team Blues. We discuss the blockchain, forensic accounting and Benford’s which plays into the theme of the book as the main character tries to solve an accounting mystery. We also discuss drugs, fine brown liquors and our dual arch nemesis economist, Milton Friedman. This is a great conversation with a very talented human being!

In cyber-security, RED TEAM plays attack. BLUE TEAM plays defence.

Marty Hench’s career in tech is almost as old as Silicon Valley. He’s the most accomplished forensic accountant in town, an expert on the international money-laundering and shell-company chicanery used by Fortune 500s, divorcing oligarchs, and international drug cartels alike (there’s more crossover than you might imagine).

Marty was born to play attack. If there’s a way to get under the walls and bring the castle down, he’s the one to do it. There’s no better financial Red Teamer in the Valley.

Now he’s on the trail of a stolen key, one that unlocks an illicit backdoor to billions in crypto. More than reputation and fortune is on the line – Marty’s adversaries are implacable criminal sadists who will spill oceans of blood to get what they want.

Finding the stolen key is going to be the least of Marty’s problems: now he has to save his skin. To do that, he’ll have to play defence. And Marty hates playing the Blue Team.

Check out Cory’s new book RED TEAM BLUES


Cory Doctorow is an exceptionally talented and visionary individual who has made remarkable contributions to the fields of literature, journalism, and activism.

With his exceptional storytelling abilities, he captivates readers by crafting intricate narratives that seamlessly blend imaginative science fiction with thought-provoking social commentary.

Doctorow’s literary prowess knows no bounds. His novels are masterpieces of the genre, displaying an unparalleled ability to envision future worlds while exploring the impact of technology on society.

Through his vivid prose and captivating characters, he effortlessly transports readers into richly imagined realms, challenging their perceptions and stimulating their minds.

Beyond his literary achievements, Doctorow’s unwavering dedication to digital rights and civil liberties is truly awe-inspiring. His influential advocacy work has shed light on the importance of open access, copyright reform, and the preservation of individual privacy in our increasingly interconnected world. His writings and speeches serve as a rallying cry for a more just and inclusive digital landscape.

With an impressive body of work and an unyielding commitment to making a positive difference, Cory Doctorow stands as an extraordinary figure who pushes the boundaries of imagination and intellect.

His multifaceted talents and inspiring endeavors have left an indelible mark on the worlds of literature, technology, and activism, cementing his position as a true luminary in contemporary society.

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