The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
A Conversation with The Metermaids | Strange Famous Records | #184 HR

My friends The Metermaids discuss their experiences touring and their favorite towns to perform in, mentioning cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Providence. They reflect on the highs and lows of touring, equating it to high school where some people have the best time of their lives while others find it challenging. They also recount memorable shows and crazy experiences, including freestyling for only three people, chaos at a woman’s place, witnessing a riot, and opening for Tyga. They talk about their early shows and experiences with merchandising, their connection with Strange Famous Records, and their admiration for Buck 65. The conversation also touches on their return to music after a hiatus, the challenges of fatherhood, the importance of their friendship, and their love for sampling. They express gratitude for working with Strange Famous Records and the positive and passionate community they have become a part of. They also express admiration for Sage Francis and his skills as an MC.



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The Homeless Romantic Podcast



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