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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
America Is STUCK in the 20th Century | Ben Norton | HR #208

Ben Norton from The Geopolitical Economy Report, discusses various issues and global power shifts are discussed, with a focus on the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Israel, and the Middle East. Ben Norton highlights Israel’s history with the ICJ, including its losses in cases related to the separation wall and actions against Nicaragua during the Reagan Administration. The US’s veto power in the Security Council has prevented the implementation of these rulings, raising questions about the outcome of the current allegations of genocide against Israel at the ICJ. Additionally, Ben Norton discusses the US’s influence in the Middle East and China’s rise as a manufacturing superpower and a significant player in the production of green technology. The US’s interventionist policies and historical support for extremist Islamist groups in the region have fueled ongoing conflicts, causing many countries to seek closer ties with China. This trend is further augmented by China’s economic cooperation with various countries, including those in Africa, where the US has experienced negative impacts due to its historically aggressive foreign policies. Ben Norton also touches upon the resource curse, the influence of former colonizers in West African countries, and Russia’s diplomatic and trade strategies in Africa and South Asia. The US’s historic interventions and the limited incentives it offers have driven many developing countries to seek economic and diplomatic cooperation with China. The speaker argues that the US, stuck in a 20th-century mindset, needs to provide more incentives to compete with China rather than just threats.

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Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 the ICJ (International Court of Justice)
00:10:00 expansion of OPEC
00:15:00 China’s industrial policy
00:20:00 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)
00:25:00 Burkina Faso
00:30:00 West Africa
00:35:00 Russia, China and the USA
00:40:00 stuck in a 20th-century mindset
00:50:00 What’s Happening in Venezuela
00:55:00 Freezing funds in Iran, Afghanistan, and Venezuela
01:00:00 going off gold standard in 1971

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