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Beyond Veganism with Zoe Rosenberg & Chris Jeffries (Animal Rights Activism)

Animal Rights beyond Veganism with Zoe Rosenberg!

Zoe Rosenberg, an American animal rights activist and founder of the Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, shares her experiences of protesting against animal cruelty and being charged for animal rescues. Growing up with a deep love for animals, Rosenberg became a direct action animal rights activist, organizing protests and rescues. She recounts her involvement with Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) and the arrests and convictions of its co-founder, Wayne, for animal rescues. Rosenberg also shares her personal experiences with being charged for rescuing dogs and facing harsh punishments, emphasizing her commitment to animal rights despite the challenges. The speakers express their frustration with the legal system’s treatment of animal cruelty cases and encourage viewers to get involved in animal activism beyond veganism, including attending protests and visiting animal sanctuaries. They also discuss the intelligence and worth of farmed animals and encourage viewers to support individuals legally pursued for rescuing animals. Its time to save animals beyond veganism!

Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:10:00 Saving ducks
00:15:00 Petaluma Poultry Slaughterhouse and Reichart Duck Farm
00:20:00 animal rights activists are not going anywhere
00:25:00 warrantless searches
00:30:00 California banning the sale of fur
00:35:00 Smithfield trial
00:40:00 animal activism beyond veganism
00:45:00 spending time with chickens
00:50:00 donate funds for legal representation

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