The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Heated Debate with a Vegan Goes Wrong | Jamie Pitcher & Chris Jeffries

Chris Jeffries discuss various aspects of veganism with guest Jamie Pitcher. They explore the intentions behind veganism, the importance of using accurate language, and the challenges of promoting ethical food choices. They also share their personal journeys towards veganism and discuss the societal issues that influence food choices. They touch upon topics such as the exploitation of animals in clothing production, the ethical dilemmas of farming, and the societal conditioning that allows harmful practices to persist. They also address common arguments against veganism and discuss alternative farming methods. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of reducing harm to animals and the environment.


00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 accurate language when it comes to plant-based and vegan diets
00:10:00 adopt a plant-based diet for ethical reasons
00:15:00 dilemmas of veganism and the reality of farming
00:20:00 societal issues
00:25:00 journey towards becoming a vegan
00:30:00 the weirdness of consuming dairy
00:35:00 edible fungi
00:40:00 harming animals is not a personal choice
00:45:00 the impact of climate change
00:55:00 alternative farming methods

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