The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
How Chemical Companies are Killing Humans | Sherri A. “Sam” Mason, Ph.D. | #193 HR

My friend Dr. Sherri A. “Sam” Mason discusses the detrimental effects of chemical inputs in the manufacturing process of plastic products and the resulting plastic pollution. She emphasizes the need for industries to prioritize sustainability and consider the environmental impact of their creations. Dr. Mason also explores the health risks associated with microplastics and plastic pollution, including the potential connection to neurological disorders. She highlights the lack of education on ecotoxicology in the chemistry curriculum, and the need for more collective action to address chemical toxicity and its impact on the environment and public health. Lastly, she encourages individuals to take action and make changes to protect wildlife, animals, and the environment.

Key Moments
00:00:00 academic journey
00:05:00 microplastics in the environment
00:10:00 Fossil fuel companies
00:15:00 microplastics in drinking water
00:20:00 endocrine disruptors on human health
00:25:00 ecotoxicology
00:30:00 regulation of plastic
00:35:00 human activities on the environment

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