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How Not To Age | Dr. Michael Greger | #202 HR Podcast

In “How Not To Age,” Dr. Michael Greger talks about the eating habits of centenarians, drawing from research in areas known as “blue zones” where people live longest and healthiest. These individuals mainly consume whole plant foods, limit processed items, meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, and salt, favoring fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and herbs. Dr. Greger also discusses the debate around coffee consumption and aging, stating that long-term health isn’t impaired despite short-term brain and arterial effects. He advises on optimal coffee consumption, such as filtered brewed coffee for the highest antioxidant benefits. Furthermore, Dr. Greger touches on topics like inflammation reduction through diet, natural anti-aging remedies, managing stress, and the impact of the food industry on health. He provides insights on increasing anti-aging enzyme AMPK through vinegar and black cumin, maintaining healthy blood sugar, and minimizing stress through healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. Greger criticizes the influence of food industries on nutrition science and encourages listeners to educate themselves and make informed decisions for their health

Key Moments
00:00:00 dietary habits of centenarians
00:05:00 coffee consumption and longevity
00:10:00 inflammation in aging
00:15:00 anti-aging enzyme called AMPK
00:20:0 80% of chronic diseases are preventable
00:25:00 influence of the food industry on nutrition science

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