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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
How the FBI and COINTELPRO Killed Black Liberation

the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and its targeted disruption of black liberation movements, particularly the Black Panther Party. The speaker outlines how the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover’s leadership, utilized tactics such as spreading rumors, sabotaging alliances, and inciting divisions within organizations to dismantle the Black Panthers. Our talk showcases examples of FBI manipulation, like forging letters between key leaders to create discord, ultimately leading to the party’s internal strife and downfall. By highlighting the FBI’s successful efforts in neutralizing black liberation movements through covert operations and assassinations, the video underscores the systemic oppression faced by activists fighting for social change and the disproportionate suppression of marginalized communities while showcasing the need for accountability and unity within leftist organizations.


Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 development of programs like COINTELPRO
00:10:00 March 1968 memo regarding COINTELPRO
00:15:00 FBI’s tactics to undermine the Black Panther Party
00:20:00 FBI utilized inflammatory cartoons
00:25:00 the split between Newton and Eldridge Cleave
00:35:00 dismantling the organization by isolating and expelling key individuals
00:40:00 The FBI, feared Malcolm X’s potential to become a black Messiah
00:45:00 the assassination of Fred Hampton
00:50:00 the break-in of an FBI office by activists in 1971
00:55:00 the fine line between a cop and a criminal

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