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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
How To DECOLONIZE Palestine | Professor Leila Farsakh Ph.D. | #199 HR Podcast

My Friend Professor Leila Farsakh Leila Farsakh discusses her book “Rethinking Statehood in Palestine” and her research on the doctrine of self-determination and decolonization. Farsakh argues that the creation of a Palestinian state after the 67 War and the UN resolution 242 was doomed from the start, as Israeli settlements destroyed the possibility of having territorial integrity and continuity in a potential Palestinian state. Farsakh also advocates for an alternative understanding of statehood that focuses on democratic institutions and depoliticizing ethnic identity in order to create a more inclusive state. She also discusses the history and principles of Zionism, and how Israel’s creation led to the displacement of two-thirds of the Palestinian population. Farsakh notes that Zionism was a colonialist movement that aimed to create a Jewish state as a project of salvation for the Jewish people. She discusses the hypocrisy of the global community’s response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly how it is so different from their responses to the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Despite the challenges, Farsakh remains hopeful that a political solution is possible with the growing activism and support for Palestinian causes in the US, and notes the importance of respecting international law and the rule of law in order to resolve the conflict.

Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 decolonization of Palestine
00:10:00 the concept of equality
00:15:00 the history and principles of Zionism
00:20:00 criticism on Israel
00:30:00 against Judaism’s teachings in the Talmud

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