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Laytonville Murder Mystery: Who Killed Les Crane? | Matthew Brockmeyer | #183 HR TRUE CRIME

My friend Matthew Brockmeyer discusses the murder of Les Crane, a medical marijuana dispensary owner, who was killed in his home in Laytonville, California in November 2005. Les was known for his generosity and community involvement, often giving back to the food banks and opening a community center for kids. He operated his dispensary within the legal gray area of those times and had some trouble with law enforcement, including having money confiscated from him. The video explores various theories and suspicious events surrounding the murder, including rumors of a large sum of money, the sudden resignation of Sheriff Tony Craver, the death of District Attorney Norm Roman, and the potential involvement of the police or outlaw culture in Northern California.


00:00:00 Laytonville, California in November 2005
00:05:00 county sheriffs, who steal 30 South African gold coins
00:10:00 Crane gives away handfuls of marijuana
00:15:00 Conspiracy theories and suspicious events
00:20:00 Vietnamese organized crime gangs and meth labs

John Waters | Legendary Film Maker

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