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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Make America Great Again WITH COMMUNISM! | Noah Khrachvik from Midwestern Marx

Noah Khrachvik from Midwestern Marx discusses the potential for communism in America, addressing misconceptions about imperialism, the historical process of proletarianization, and the role of the ruling class in American politics. Khrachvik argues that people often fail to understand the impact of imperialism on the working class and the importance of class struggle. He also emphasizes the need for unity among different groups and the potential for change when it’s necessary. They touch upon the role of the ruling class in performing leftist virtue signaling while also expressing concerns about the culture war and hate speech. Khrachvik suggests that approaching Republican voters with a focus on economics rather than identity politics might be more effective in converting them to communist ideologies. Throughout the discussion, Khrachvik emphasizes the importance of education, engagement, and unity in the pursuit of a more equitable society.

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 US imperialism
00:10:00 the historical process of proletarianization
00:15:00 the potential for change in America
00:20:00 leftist virtue signaling
00:25:00 targeting Trump supporters
00:30:00 divide-and-conquer tactics
00:35:00 historical development of class struggle in America
00:40:00 corporate propaganda and the LGBT community
00:45:00 motivation
00:50:00 ruling class exploiting labor
00:55:00 communism and its potential application in America

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