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Meta is Shadow Banning Pro-Palestinian Activists | Mo Hamzeh & Chris Jeffries

Mo Hamzeh and Chris Jeffries share their personal experiences and frustrations with censorship on social media platforms, specifically Meta (formerly Facebook,) and the disproportionate impact on the Palestinian community. Hamzeh discusses his family’s history as Palestinian refugees and his emotional connection to the land. Both speakers express concern over the shadow banning and dehumanization of Palestinians on social media, as well as in Western media. They criticize biased reporting, the targeting of journalists, and the killing and displacement of civilians, including children. Hamzeh and Jeffries argue that the conflict between Palestinians and Western powers, particularly the US and Israel, is systemic and that the media’s bias in reporting is an attempt to control the narrative. They call for increased empathy, understanding, and action against the situation, which they believe has become normalized.

Key Moments:
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 censorship on social media platforms
00:10:00 lost hundreds of followers per day
00:15:00 systemic dehumanization of Palestinians
00:20:00 Piers Morgan Islamophobic views
00:25:00 Bill Ackman blacklisting pro-Palestinian activists
00:30:00 MintPress, Euronews, Al Jazeera, and RedStream
00:35:00 disappointment in humanity
00:40:00 the Hannibal directive
00:45:00 bombing schools and hospitals

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