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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
Re-Engineering Humanity | Brett Frischmann | #205 HR Podcast

Brett Frischmann, the interdisciplinary law professor shares his unexpected journey from studying math, science, and astrophysics to becoming a law professor specializing in technology and economics. Frischmann discusses his book, “Re-Engineering Humanity,” which explores the impact of technologies and infrastructures on individuals and communities. He also expresses concerns about the power dynamics and potential consequences of surveillance and data collection, particularly within the context of the internet and artificial intelligence. Throughout the discussion, Frischmann emphasizes the importance of understanding the complex and interconnected nature of societal issues, including the role of individuals and communities in engaging with technology. He also touches upon the potential dangers of propaganda and manipulation, particularly in the context of new communication and media technologies. Overall, Frischmann’s talk highlights the importance of questioning our desires, understanding the systems that shape our beliefs, and advocating for responsible use of technology.


Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Astrophysics to Law School
00:10:00 Re-Engineering Humanity
00:15:00 Internet neutrality
00:20:00 surveillance.
00:25:00 infrastructure of the internet
00:30:00 critical thinking abilities
00:35:00 humanity’s technosocial dilemma
00:40:00 collective responsibility
00:50:00 defining what people truly want

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