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The Conservative CANNIBAL: Austin Harrouff | Matthew Brockmeyer | #188 HR TRUE CRIME

My friend Matthew Brockmeyer discusses the case of Austin Harrouff, a man who in 2016 claimed to be a werewolf and murdered two people in Florida. We explore the myth of werewolves and its potential influence on real-life criminal behavior. We also discuss the issue of class and privilege in the United States, as Harrouff was a student in physical education and came from a privileged background. We also discuss the case of John R. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, who were convicted of murdering five women and two children in a home in 1984. Douglas, who claimed to be a werewolf, believed that he had been cursed to kill children to protect them from evil. The hosts discuss the implications of dangerous mental illnesses and the use of shock therapy as a form of treatment.



Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 The frat boy started acting strange
00:10:00 Clinical lycanthropy
00:15:00 Albert Fish in Wisteria, USA during the 1930s
00:20:00 Urban legends

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