The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Decline of America with Ex-CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou & Chris Jeffries

John Kiriakou discusses his unsuccessful attempt to receive a pardon from former President Donald Trump, his encounter with a woman who ended their date prematurely due to his association with Fox News, and his criticisms of the Democratic Party, the CIA’s involvement in political instability, and the use of torture for obtaining information. Kiriakou also shares his experience of working for a Russian news outlet, and expresses his concerns about the current state of politics in the US. Throughout the conversation, Kiriakou and Chris Jeffries reminisce about the past and express their disappointment in the current political landscape. Kiriakou also discusses his belief that Assange and Snowden deserve pardons and shares anecdotes about his personal experiences and encounters.

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 unexpected encounter with a woman he met online
00:10:00 deteriorating state of the Democratic Party
00:15:00 CIA’s involvement in Georgia and Ukraine
00:20:00 how the CIA has changed
00:25:00 detained and tortured based on incorrect information
00:30:00 being censored for sharing information on social media
00:35:00 the decline of Western civilization
00:40:00 our politicians are too old

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