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The Gilgo Beach Serial Killer | Matty Brockmeyer | #168 TRUE CRIME HR

My Friend Matty Brockmeyer stops by to discuss The Gilgo Beach Serial Killer case, which took place on Long Island, New York, involved the targeting and murder of sex workers. The investigation began when Shannon Gilbert, a missing sex worker, was heard pleading for help. Eventually, 11 bodies were discovered, with four linked to a suspect named Rex Heuermann. Heuermann, an architect, was identified through the use of burner phones and his presence at crime scenes. DNA evidence, including a hair found on a piece of burlap, also linked him to the crimes. The serial killer’s disturbing Google search history, interest in violent pornography, and potential mafia involvement were discussed. The possibility of multiple serial killers in the area and the correlation between serial killers and hunting were also explored. Additionally, there was speculation about the potential involvement of Heuermann’s husband in the murders due to his wife’s absence during the crimes.

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