The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The Homeless Romantic Podcast
The World's Most Dangerous Marxist | John Bellamy Foster | #182 HR

My friend John Bellamy Foster, a professor emeritus of Sociology, discusses his journey towards Marxism and his interest in environmental issues. He explains how his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement led him to philosophical readings, and how subsequent events like the coup in Chile and economic crises reignited his passion for activism. Foster explains Marx’s ecological critique of capitalism and how the concept of “metabolic rift” highlights the alienation between humans and nature caused by capitalism’s focus on profit over sustainability. He also discusses the evolution of Marxist theory, the rise of financialization and its relationship to economic stagnation, the changes in the global labor market, and the rise of China. Foster touches on his book “Trump in the White House,” which explores the relationship between Trump and neo-fascism. He also highlights the need for a fundamental transformation of society to achieve ecological sustainability, emphasizing the importance of degrowth and planning, and the need to shift towards zero net investment in rich countries. Foster concludes by emphasizing the urgency of investing in saving the planet and promoting sustainable human development, democracy, and equality.

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Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Marx’s ecological critique of capitalism
00:10:00 Metabolic rift
00:15:00 Monopoly, overaccumulation, and stagnation
00:20:00 Global labor arbitrage and the rise of China
00:25:00 Trump in the White House
00:30:00 Neoliberalism and its control of the state
00:35:00 Degrowth
00:40:00 Zero net investment in rich countries
00:45:00 Solving climate change with Marxism

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