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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
What The F#@K are Microplastics? | Dr. Danielle Green | #183 HR

My friend Dr. Danielle Green, an associate professor at Anglia Ruskin University, talks about her background and what drove her to ecology. She explains how she fell in love with marine life and the ocean as a child and decided to study marine life to conserve and help save the ecosystem. The conversation then shifts to microplastics pollution in the Falklands, and Dr. Green explains that her research has shown that microplastics pollution in the Falklands is as high as in the UK. She talks about her trip to the Falklands in 2015, where she sampled different parts of the East Island, including some remote little islands off the Falklands, and found high concentrations of microplastics. Dr. Green also talks about the implications of microplastics pollution on wildlife, including seabirds and fish, and how microplastics can affect their feeding and reproductive rights.


00:00:00 Journey into ecology
00:05:00 Mount Everest and the Arctic marine systems
00:10:00 Effects of microplastics on organisms and ecosystems
00:15:00 Changes in microbes
00:20:00 Greenwashing
00:25:00 Scientific corruption caused by private companies
00:30:00 BAN disposable vapes

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