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The Homeless Romantic Podcast
What the Future will Bring | Cory Doctorow | The Lost Cause | #203 HR Podcast

Chris Jeffries and Cory Doctorow discuss his latest book, “The Lost Cause” which explores a future where humans adapt to a post-climate apocalypse and embrace radical changes to harness 0.4% of the sun’s energy. Doctorow also talks about the origins of money and the roles of governments and markets. He critiques rents, intermediaries, and rent-seeking in the technology sector, discussing Uber’s history of violating competition laws and its transformative impact on the industry. Doctorow emphasizes the need for competition law enforcement and legislation to level the playing field for small businesses and prevent monopolies. He also touches upon the historical context of Marxist theory and the interplay between competition and regulation. Throughout the conversation, Doctorow raises concerns about the concentration of power and wealth in the technology sector and its potential impact on the future.

Key Moments
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Library socialism
00:10:00 the origins of money
00:15:00 the role of states
00:20:00 the conflict between feudalism and capitalism
00:25:00 historical competition laws
00:30:00 technology sector’s losing battle to regulate themselves
00:35:00 antitrust laws and enforcement
00:40:00 the current state of competition and regulation in tech

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