Greg J. Stoker, he shares his personal journey from being a military participant in US imperialism to an anti-imperialist activist. He critiques the morality and effectiveness of US wars, specifically the Obama administration’s drone strike policy and the lack of accountability for civilian casualties. Stoker also discusses his concerns over Israel’s military actions, including the use of controversial weapons like white phosphorus and medieval siege weapons, and their strategic unsoundness. The conversation also covers the concept of different generations of warfare, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the ongoing war in Ukraine, with a focus on the role of the US and Israel. Stoker argues that resistance movements, such as those in Ukraine, suffer more casualties due to a lack of resources and advanced technology, and that the war in Ukraine lacks a clear exit strategy or defined objectives. He also touches upon the role of China and Russia in global affairs and their involvement in resource extraction in countries like the Congo. Throughout the discussion, Stoker sheds light on the complexities and ethical dilemmas of military involvement in foreign conflicts.

Key Moments:
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 Israel
00:10:00 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
00:15:00 military occupation
00:20:00 serving capitalist interests and foreign allies like Israel
00:25:00 Ukraine and Russia
00:30:00 China and Russia are not without fault
00:35:00 Colonial Outcasts

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